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Hi, looks like your using phone or tablet. Unfortunately, Waterfaller requires a larger screens, so please return using a laptop. Feel free to read below to see how Waterfaller can do to boost page speed and core web vital scores.

Boost Core Web Vitals

Fix all your slow pages to super charge page experience, boost page rank, and max out conversions

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Not Your Fault

Issues with Core Web Vitals might not be your fault, but they are your problem opportunity. Waterfaller turns insights into precise tasks ready for your next developer sprint.

Checklist Failure

Get the Development Work Done

One-of-a-Kind Tech SEO

Use the waterfall to inspect every file loaded by your web page and find the slowdowns causing your Core Web Vital issues. You get a full technical understanding of the browser builds your page.

Expert Analysis

Rely on expert analysis that does not simply re-format PageSpeed Insights reports. This means that you can find your next best fix customized to your page.

Tasks for Developers

Detailed tasks are created to explain the problem is explained, create a user-story, and outline testing criteria. You now are able to confidently work with developers in their next sprint.

Your Next Page Speed Sprint

Sometimes Core Web Vitals can be fixed by enabling a plugin or optimizing an image, but more often it requires developers to release code changes.

This sounds challenging, but Waterfaller provide everything you need to be successful.

Developers often work in two week sprints. Each sprint starts with a list of tasks that will get completed and tested. These tasks will be then be released to production.

Here is how you can use Waterfaller for your next sprint:

  1. Select a slow URL using Google Search Console
  2. Submit the URL for analysis
  3. Inspect all the files flagged as slow
  4. Review the analysis for each file
  5. Copy tasks each one into your task management software
  6. Review each task with the development team
  7. Create tickets for each task and review with developers
  8. Provide user acceptance testing
  9. Validate the fix upon release
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