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Hi, looks like your using phone or tablet. Unfortunately, Waterfaller requires a larger screens, so please return using a laptop. Feel free to read below to see how Waterfaller can do to boost page speed and core web vital scores.

Boost Core Web Vitals

Unique tool to improve slow web pages

Kinda loving the new Waterfaller” from Tweet by Cyrus Shepard

Core Web Vitals

It's not your fault

A poor Core Web Vital report in Google Search Console might not be your fault, but it is your problem.

PageSpeed Insights Report

Not another report

Like others in your position, you're not interested in another Page Speed Insights report, blog post, or checklist.


Waterfaller does it better

A lot of apps report on what's wrong with your page. Our algorithm, however, creates complete user stories tailored to your page.

Convert insights into successful development

Many web vitals can't be corrected without code changes, that's why it's critical to be able to speak the language of developers. Waterfaller is a one-of-a-kind tool that turns PageSpeed Insights into the agile tasks commonly used by developers.

Technical SEO

The interactive waterfall will show you how the browser builds your page and pinpoints the files that are slowing it down. You get complete technical understanding of your page.

Total Confidence

Utilizing a custom audit library and the latest research, our algorithm tunes the results to ensure you will find the next best fix customized to your page.

100% Developer Friendly

Tasks are written as user stories with complete testing criteria, so you can confidently work with developers on their next sprint.

It's a great alternative tool to debug performance issues” from Tweet by Brian Jackson

Waterfall Chart View

Inspect Every File In The Waterfall

The in-depth analysis covers every possible issue that could damage core web vitals. We scan every file for over 30 checks related to speed, size, sequence, and context. Then we visualize this as an interactive waterfall to give you a comprehensive technical understanding of how the browser displays your page.

Screenshot View Showing LCP

Identify Components Related to LCP and CLS

Fixing LCP and CLS problems is tricky even for developers, so we help you find the exact largest contentful paint element and every component with a measurable layout shift.

File Detail View

Find Tasks That Best Correlate To Fixing Core Web Vitals

The app pinpoints the most urgent slowdowns based on real-time core web vital scores. You are able to sort and filter all the suggested tasks, so you identify what you you need to fix first. With a simple click, you can copy a task (formatted with markdown) to your clipboard or send it to Trello.


Playbook for your next page speed sprint

Developers often work in two-week sprints. Each sprint starts with a list of tasks that will get completed and tested. These tasks will be then be released to production.

After you analyze your page with Waterfaller, it will suggest complete user-stories that can be added to your next sprint.

Complete guide to fixing Core Web Vitals in the real world

  1. Select URL using Google Search Console
  2. Analyze your page with Waterfaller
  3. Review each workspace: waterfall, screenshot, and tasks to get a technical understanding of your page
  4. Copy tasks into your task management software or use the "Send To Trello" to build your own backlog
  5. Review each task with the development team
  6. Create stories (or tickets) for each task, review with developers and get your stories added to their next sprint
  7. Review the user acceptance testing details provided in the task so it can be tested before code is released to production
  8. Validate the fix upon release using Waterfaller

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